Solution to Temperature Monitoring System of Integrated Die Casting Mould for Large Automobile Components

During the production of ultra-large automobile die-casting components, the molten metal runs a long way in the mould. Thin-walled products have more stringent requirements for mould temperature variation and equilibrium, making the rapid stabilisation of

Petrochemical Industry

In the fields of high-pressure die casting, low-pressure/gravity casting, semi-solid casting, and hot press moulding, a reasonable and stable mould temperature distribution is crucial for the quality of casting products and the stability of production. Mo

Metallurgical Industry

Iron and steel industry is engaged in ferrous metal mineral acquisition and black metal smelting processing and other industrial production activities of industries, including metal iron, chrome, manganese and other mineral CaiXuanYe, ironmaking, steelmak


In the environment of modern manufacturing operations, some scenes are flammable and explosive, high temperature, humidity and high corrosive reasons. According to the use of different places of the function of the detector to detect, so that the producti

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