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Application Fundamentals
Application Fundamentals

Mold temperature online monitoring system software runs on Windows 10 operating system, supporting English and Chinese interface. The software integrates system management, equipment configuration, business logic control, intelligent data acquisition, tracking and analysis, intelligent alarm and linkage and other powerful functions. The front-end detector can be set separately and independently, which can be manually taken for debugging and automatically taken for production. By using multi-point high precision capacitive touch screen, can draw a variety of key monitoring area, the object to be tested in the shape of each detector can be set up not more than 10 different shapes of interested in monitoring area, can be set respectively each monitored area warning and alarm temperature threshold, and once the monitoring area temperature anomaly, the warning and alarm, and other related equipment.

精量温度 精益智造

精量温度 精益智造

Our advantage

  • The best temperature rise curve is set by the user to effectively extend the service life of the mold:
  • Shorten each preheating: time, indicating whether the preheating temperature is up to standard:
  • Monitor temperature trend to prevent casting defects:
  • Quantitative comparison of mold temperature before and after spraying can effectively shorten spraying and blowing time:
  • Optimize production cycle, improve OEE (equipment overall efficiency); Save the production cost and prolong the life of the die:
  • Provide effective traceability data for the global analysis of casting defects, fully control mold temperature changes, and reduce uncontrollable shutdown:
  • Correctly identify the process flow, accurate mold temperature control, record the historical mold temperature data of casting production:
  • Linkage automation, intelligent equipment, integrated into intelligent manufacturing information management system:
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